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My name is Robert Burket.  I have been in the plastics recycling business since December 1988. I began my business in a small factory building in Dover, Ohio. In 1992, we moved to a larger facility in Baltic, Ohio and have been grinding away ever since.

Our Services

Here at Polynew, we pride ourselves on the fact that we do go the extra mile to provide our customers with clean, quality regrind. And also, a regrind that is consistently uniform in particle size. The Cumberland grinders that we use are equipped with 100 HP motors, with five rotor knives and two bed knives. The cut that we get from these knives ensures that it will be a precise and consistent regrind. However, sometimes we do get materials that are way too large for the grinders to handle, and that’s where the shredders and guillotine come in. At Polynew, we will get your material downsized to a workable form with shredders, guillotines, saws, and whatever else it will take to get the job done!


We strive to offer competitive pricing to all our customers.
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